Cisco SFP Compatible Optical Transceivers


About Cisco SFP Compatible Optical Transceivers

Cisco SFP Compatible Optical Transceivers are ready to ship from Linxit in a variety of the most popular form factors, reach options, and manufacturer compatibilities with the latest in WDM-enabled technology and BX, BX 2-Channel, CWDM, CWDM Fibre Channel, DWDM, EX, FX, IR, LH, LR, LR2, LW Fibre Channel, LX, MX, SR, SW Fibre Channel, SX, TX and ZX types.

Available Cisco SFP Compatible Optical Transceivers form factors include SFP in 100m, 150m, 300m, 550m, 2km, 4km, 10km, 15km, 20km, 40km, 70km, 80km, 100km, 110km or 120km capable reaches with 850nm, 1310nm, 1310nmTx/1490nmRx, 1310nmTx/1550nmRx, 1430nm, 1470nm, 1490nm, 1490nmTx/1310nmRx, 1490nmTx/1550nmRx, 1510nm, 1528.77nm, 1530.33nm, 1531.12nm, 1531.90nm, 1532.68nm, 1533.47nm, 1534.25nm, 1535.04nm, 1535.82nm, 1536.61nm, 1537.40nm, 1538.19nm, 1538.98nm, 1539.77nm, 1540.56nm, 1541.35nm, 1542.14nm, 1542.94nm, 1543.73nm, 1544.53nm, 1545.32nm, 1546.12nm, 1546.92nm, 1547.72nm, 1548.51nm, 1549.32nm, 1550.12nm, 1550.92nm, 1550nm, 1550nmTx/1310nmRx, 1550nmTx/1490nmRx, 1551.72nm, 1552.52nm, 1553.33nm, 1554.13nm, 1554.94nm, 1555.75nm, 1556.55nm, 1557.36nm, 1558.17nm, 1558.98nm, 1559.79nm, 1560.61nm, 1561.42nm or 1610nm wavelengths. In stock Cisco SFP Compatible Optical Transceivers are available for any Cisco® manufactured switches with speeds of 2GBase, 4GBase, 10/100/1000Base, 100Base, 1000Base, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48 or OC-48c and LC, RJ-45 or SFP connector types.

Linxit Cisco SFP Compatible Optical Transceivers can be purchased with or without Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) and shipped within the same day from our wide selection of OEM switch compatibilities and reaches. No matter what Cisco® fiber optic network application or environment you're equipping, Linxit has the pluggable networking solution you need for Copper, Single-Mode optical fiber or Dual-Mode optical fiber.