SFP vs. QSFP Transceivers: The Breakdown

What are the differences in specifications and capabilities between SFP and QSFP transceivers?

What is a QSFP28 Transceiver?

QSFP28 is the next iteration of QSFP+, however, it keeps the same form factor and QSFP28 ports accept QSFP+ transceivers as well. So, what makes QSFP28 different and what are its main features and capabilities?

What is a QSFP Transceiver?

Quad small form-factor pluggable, or QSFP, is an evolution of SFP. While QSFP optics are similar to SFP in many ways, there are wide distinctions in form and data rates.

What is a SFP28 Transceiver?

SFP28 is an upgraded version of SFP+ , and SFP28 ports in network equipment are compatible with both SFP and SFP+ transceivers. However, what are the main features and capabilities of an SFP28 transceiver?