Picture for blogpost Avoiding Component Failure Costs

Avoiding Component Failure Costs

When a part fails or when you experience incompatibility issues, it's your time, money, and resources that are spent finding a resolution. With many other suppliers, this means losing several days waiting for a reply, each time a reply is needed.

Based on studies, quality issues with third-party transceivers are most frequently found as related to reliability, compatibility, and interoperability. Coding is reported as the biggest issue with optics reading as the wrong part and receiving messages of “UNSUPPORTED”. This can cause network delays and system reboots, taking up critical time and possibly needing a system engineer to triage

Even if the problem is identified, if the part is the issue (mis-shipped, defective, miscoded, or incompatible), you now add transit delays too. Each step of the way, you’re the one losing time, incurring financial costs, and missing opportunities--not your supplier.

We at Linxit understand this and operate on your schedule to minimize costs and headaches. Because we are U.S. based with an expert and highly responsive global support team that understands your needs, we’re able to respond far faster and more thoroughly. Whether it's a coding solution, a part correction, or something else, our team dives into the issue headfirst with you, resolving it to your satisfaction. We explore the issue with you from a technical perspective, standing behind our product and at your side until your new deployment is fully successful.

Our customer support and technical teams are based in the U.S. so we can be close to our customers. The Linxit team is comprised of real people who are available and committed to quality and exceptional customer service (should there be any issues with our products).