Picture for blogpost Protected from OEM Warranty Conflicts

Protected from OEM Warranty Conflicts

There exists a very common misconception that third-party optical transceivers and direct attach cables will nullify OEM warranties and service contracts. However, in practice, this notion couldn't be further from the truth. We're more than happy to help illuminate how third-party optics have far fewer pitfalls than most people think.

What is the Sherman Anti-Trust Act?

It's critical to understand that utilizing or installing third party optical transceivers with OEM equipment (particularly switches) cannot void your OEM warranty. The Sherman Anti-Trust Act offers critical protections to those who wish to use hardware that is neither manufactured nor branded by the OEM that made the switch. This federal law prohibits a company from requiring their own equipment be used to access an upgrade or functionality, while also prohibiting them from invalidating support agreements if a user deploys a new, upgraded piece of hardware from another company.

This anti-trust act intentionally encourages competition between the OEMs and other manufacturers, third-party suppliers, and other vendors, in turn benefiting the consumer with lower prices and a variety of options to choose from on the market. Linxit happily serves the fiber optic industry's needs with high quality tested products carrying a three year warranty at a far lower price point; all while still avoiding any conflicts with service agreements you may have in place with your OEM equipment.

In-house programming and testing

In addition to avoiding any loss of service for your OEM equipment, we program and test all of our fiber optic hardware for full compatibility right here in the U.S. Our cutting-edge test lab is regularly modernized by with the latest OEM switches on the market for complete functionality and interoperability. We pride ourselves on our robust and stringent coding practices, ensuring that our transceivers fully replicate OEM equivalent functionality.

Other suppliers on the market claim they do this too, however in practice, the hardware has been acquired from a questionable source with unknown or unclear quality standards. These sources allege that they're tested and coded, then a sticker added to the product, and off it goes to the consumer's dismay when upon arrival, it does not work. We at Linxit are aware of these disappointing practices and strive to educate the industry in the benefits of working with a fiber optics supplier that believes in higher standards of quality and transparency with our valued consumers.

How do third-party optics from Linxit benefit me?

  • Lower cost for OEM quality tested hardware
  • The reliability of a company who cares, backed with a three year warranty
  • Performance guaranteed by higher quality standards than other suppliers
  • No conflicts with existing OEM warranties or service contracts