Aligning Efficiency, Compatibility & Connectivity

Other third-party suppliers buy ‘pre-coded’ hardware from manufacturers. These manufacturers specialize in manufacturing, not programming. As they also don't interface with the end-client, they are not best equipped to code to your needs.

Avoiding Component Failure Costs

When a part fails or when you experience incompatibility issues, it's your time, money, and resources that are spent finding a resolution. We at Linxit understand this and operate on your schedule to minimize costs and headaches.

Linxit is the Key

Linxit brand transceivers and products are built and coded to increase efficiency in deployment and growth. There are many options in the marketplace but only Linxit provides a seamless deployment through refined coding and exceptional hardware.

Protected from OEM Warranty Conflicts

There exists a very common misconception that third-party optical transceivers and direct attach cables will nullify OEM warranties and service contracts. However, in practice, this notion could't be further from the truth.