Our Commitment to Quality

Our Commitment to Quality

We understand that smooth network operations relies on our delivery of flawlessly working products. That’s why we make it simple by injecting quality in everything we do! Our consistent care, reliable results, and amazing attention to detail makes us your premiere and preferred supplier of third-party fiber optics.

Since our headquarters is based in the U.S., we're able to provide fiber optic transceivers that are fully compatible with the latest and greatest OEM hardware features that also carry a U.S. country of origin. We're proud to offer TAA compliant, CE compliant, and RoHS compliant solutions, ensuring you receive a product that is a cut above in terms of quality.

Because of our understanding of your needs, we are your supplier who is fully committed to consistently delivering a quality, ready-to-deploy product, whether it’s your first time ordering from us or the thousandth time. Your business's network demands around the clock reliability that can only be delivered by a partner who cares as much as we do.

Linxit is that partner.

Our Commitment to Quality

How we keep quality first:

Top Notch Quality
Top Notch Quality Testing

Our on-site labs are equipped with switches from all major OEMs, so we catch pesky incompatibilities before you order. Committing to your quality standards is our priority. No matter how many times you order from Linxit, we ensure your experience is consistently flawless.

Compatibility & Flexibility
Coding for Compatibility & Flexibility

Our "customer first" focus means we support your fiber networking needs, no matter how small or large of a project. We've gone the extra lengths to ensure our transceivers are compatible with all features of your in-use OEM switches, not just that they pass traffic.

Best-in-Class Support
Best-in-Class Support

You can be certain that when working with our technical support teams, we will go the extra mile on resolving the issue quickly & easily. We're available to reach via email and phone, getting you connected with a knowledgeable and dedicated U.S. based person as quickly as possible.

Three Year Limited Warranty

We do our best to test and screen for any notes of concern prior to even receiving your order. Even so, there are times where a defect can be missed. Our products carry a three year warranty, protecting you against these unusual and uncommon manufacturer defects.